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LogGPS uses our free GPS tracking apps and/or OBD Devices to track Drivers and Vehicles
Real-time and historical GPS Location is available in the admin Map Control Panel and Mobile Management App
The tracking app is a simple, free download from the Play stores.
The LogGPS Map Control panel gives you easy visibility of your fleet with the ability to send texts and directions to each driver or the whole fleet.
Send Texts From Map - Send a text message to any driver simply by clicking a car on your Map Control map. Or send a text to a driver in your driver list.
Send Directions From Map - Send directions to any driver from your Map Control map or driver list. LogGPS already knows your driver's location. Just key in a destination and click to send.
Easy - Download the LogGPS app and turn on tracking. Make sure your GPS is turned on your mobile device. You'll see your device(s) on your LogGPS Map Control map. That's it. You're tracking.
No Special Devices - Although LogGPS needs no special devices, we can accommodate special devices that generate GPS signals.
Affordable - Because LogGPS uses an app and no special hardware, you'll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing.


Real-time/Batch GPS Tracking

With LogGPS for the iPhone or Android it's possible to real-time track, log and upload your GPS breadcrumbs.
It is possible to:
  • Store and see all your trips locally on your phone (Android or iPhone).
  • Upload your trip real-time to your own server or upload to the LogGPS server for free.
  • Offline tracking and upload later.
  • View location, speed, altitude, direction, course and distance traveled in real-time.
  • Your GPS Tracking can be saved as a GPX file and viewed on Google Earth (and other sites)
  • Interface with your own app or website.
  • App runs in background.

Upload Breadcrumbs to your own server

With LogGPS it's possible to upload your GPS Breadcrumbs to any webserver/webservice. You control your data for use in other applications.

Upload free on LogGPS.com

LogGPS offers a free service for Individual users, Real time GPS Data is uploaded and can be viewed on the LogGPS maps. A free account is needed, this information is kept private and is only used to limit access to your map.With your account, you can also Login to LogGPS.com and view your live and historical GPS breadcrumbs. Uploading to LogGPS comes with certain rules:
  • availability of the LogGPS server is best effort, so not included in the price of the app
  • Data is only stored every 30 seconds
  • for other options, please Contact LogGPS.com

Privacy policy

LogGPS does not store any private data in the LogGPS.com databases.
  • User can choose to create an account for testing purpose to LogGPS.com, it is not mandatory.
  • Data like Username, Password and GPS information is stored in our Databases on LogGPS.com.
  • Data uploaded is never shared. Registration on LogGPS.com is not necessary to use App.
  • Different agreements can be arranged, please Contact LogGPS.com
  • Your data uploaded on LogGPS.com is not being used for any other commercial activity outside LogGPS.com


  • Real-time/Historical Tracking of App Location.
  • Real-time Upload for free to LogGPS.com Map Servers.
  • iPhone / Android
  • Track location, speed,
    direction, altitude, course and distance.
  • Tracking on traveled distance or elapsed time.
  • Manage and upload all trips.
  • View trips / current position on Google Maps
  • Free Phone Apps
  • Track Drivers and/or Vehicles
  • OBD Devices
  • GPS Breadcrumbs
  • Real Time Maps
  • Re-play Maps with time/distance
  • Google Geo-caching
  • MapQuest Directions
  • 30+ Waypoint Routing
  • Reservation App (for Livery Business)
  • Mobile Manager App
  • Geofencing *Coming Soon
  • Customer Service Requests *Coming Soon
  • Export / Email GPX file *Coming Soon
OBD Devices
  • No installation required
  • Our OBD GPS tracking device plugs directly into the OBD port of any vehicle.
  • No tools or wiring required.
  • There are no contracts to sign or any requirement to prepay multiple months of monitoring. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.
  • There are no hidden fees or additional charges.
  • Receive a breadcrumb trail, which will provide the start and finish point for the specified time of the GPS tracker.
  • Our tracking provides 1-MINUTE location updates. Many companies provide less frequent updates from every 5-10 Minutes to as long as 1 Hour
  • Just log into the website from any PC, Mac, Tablet, or phone
  • All passenger vehicles and lightweight trucks manufactured after 1995 are equipped with an OBD port
  • Track vehicles and personnel for verification of employee time sheets and customer billing.
  • Features:
  • Current Location, Speed and engine diagnostics
  • Speeding Excessive idling Zone alerts (when the vehicle enters or leaves specific locations)
  • Ignition status Voltage Maintenance Reminders (Oil Change ...etc.)
  • Check Engine Alerts (Provides Triggered Engine Codes)
  • unlimited email and text message notifications on all features.
  • Real-time Tracking of your GPS Location.
  • View location, speed, direction, altitude, course and distance.
  • Tracking on traveled distance or elapsed time.
  • View trips or your current position on Googlemaps on the phone.
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